About Us

EZ Organic is a family farm and organic food supplier in Oregon. We supply organic vegetables, fruits and grains that are sown, grown and harvested in rich, living soil. We only use biodynamic and sustainable agricultural practices and our food crops are never treated with chemical fertilizers or herbicides. We practice ecological pest management in the farm, which means that we manage our farm environment and not just get rid of pests by toxic chemical pesticides.

We begin building a strong ecosystem with healthy soil, mulch and organic fertilizer. Our first line of defense is a healthy because we believe plants will be healthy if the soil is healthy. Healthy plants will be able to resist insect and disease attack. Mulching is also the best preventive measure to control common pests like worms, caterpillars, aphids and leaf miners. The mulch will house beneficial insects and earthworms.

We also practice crop rotation to keep the soil healthy and fertile. Multiple cropping or companion planting also helps us get rid of pests and diseases. These two methods provide a continuous source of food, encouraging beneficials insects that are crucial for pest/disease management and control to remain in our plant beds.
We rely a lot on biological pest control and are fully knowledgeable of the life cycles of insects or pests. We use beneficial insects, microbes and bacteria to control pests and disease. We only use organic pest control treatments to keep the population of damaging insects under control. Unlike chemical pesticides that wipe up the entire insect population, organic pesticides only target the BAD guys.

We take pride in providing only the freshest of produce to our customers. In most cases, produce in supermarkets and groceries sit in the shelves for a full week before they are purchased and taken home to cook. We do not store at our base; our vegetables and fruits come straight from our plots or partner farms and are harvested only upon order so that you benefit from them in their healthiest, freshest form.

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Our Mission

We are always mindful of the living forces of nature. We aim to have a farm that upholds the sources of life, is sustainable, and wastes little or nothing. We recognize ecological balance and do not feel the need to depend on chemicals and synthetics to get rid of pests and keep our crops healthy, relying instead on nature itself to do the work for us.

Our Products

Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable seafood from the Pacific coast with a spotlight on bycatch and invasive species that are overpopulating local bays, reefs, and the nearby ocean.

Organic Vegetables & Fruits

Farm-fresh vegetables and fruits hand-picked by our experts so that your order is kept in the optimum environment before it reaches your doorstep.