Erízo offers an extensive 20 course tasting menu featuring impeccable and sustainably sourced seafood prepared over wood fire. Only the highest quality products are hand selected by our chefs for our menu each week. Many of our local foraged ingredients are exclusive to our tasting menu experience. We work closely with farmers, ranchers, and fishermen to source our ingredients at the peak of their flavor and seasonality to ensure our guests a unique and memorable meal. Our menu includes hand dived shellfish, a variety of seasonal fin fish, as well as caviar service.

The menu is $125 per person. Wine pairings are available for $75 per person. Caviar service is available for $50.

September 5th, 2019

a broth of roasted grains

native shield limpets

spot prawn and sea lettuce

purple sea urchin and chickpea

a smoked eel pie

giant pacific octopus

mcfarland springs trout

horseneck clam and cucumber

acorn barnacle and red rock crab

gooseneck barnacle and filet bean

butter clam and ground cherry

hackleback sturgeon caviar (+75)

loligo squid and eggplant

red crawfish and tomato

21 day aged albacore tuna

7 day aged greenback flounder

a 5 year old oyster

a giant surf mussel

sea snails and beans

tomato and sea beans

cabbage and anchovy

bbq chub mackerel

plankton and plums

chocolate and wild rice